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b. 1988, Hong Kong

Chan Wai Lap is an artist based in Hong Kong. He received his Bachelor of Art (Hons) in Visual Communication from Birmingham City University in 2011. Drawing on his past experience and affection for collectibles, he criticises absurdities and happenings in everyday life through his creative practice. Illustrated using simple materials, his work portray serious issues with a sense of humour, exploring the connection between audience, everyday objects, and experience.

In his early creative practice, his works are inspired by his continual fascination with his memories of high school life, and looking at memory as a social construct, classism in the education system, contemporary value system, and a lost sense of self-identity, all relevant and timely to a generation that grew up in post-colonial Hong Kong.

After a series of creations criticising on his past experience, his current practises are much focusing on his inner self in the moment. With his interest in swimming, he tried to integrate the action of swimming into his creative practice. He first started to document a public swimming pool that he swims a lot since his childhood by counting the tiles of different pools and reconstructing them on papers, which the spaces of swimming pool created a way for the artist to consolidate his thoughts and to continue his creations.

He is a painter who has held key exhibitions at Istanbul halka sanat projesi, Hong Kong Fringe Club and the Hong Kong Museum of Medical Sciences (2019), New York School of Visual Arts (2018), Hong Kong K11 CHI ART SPACE (2016), Hong Kong Osage Gallery (2013). His works have been widely collected by private collectors and galleries of Hong Kong.


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