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b. 1989, Hong Kong

Stanley Shum's oil works investigate the mentality of individual and social ideologies of reality. SHUM explores the psychological portrayals of contemporary society, as well as the nonentity of social power, depicting an imaginary new world of hope with dazzling promises. The artist combines the realistic and metaphorical sceneries by infusing the imaginary scenes, nature landscape, and man-made urban landscape on the same compositions. His works exhibit a state of confusion and melancholy, it is also a response to the current social turbulence and the inevitable human condition of restlessness, depression, and hollowness.


Stanley SHUM Kwan Hon graduated from the Department of Fine Arts of The Chinese University of Hong Kong with first-class honor in 2013. He is now the Senior District Arts Coordinator at Tung Wah Group of Hospitals. Participated exhibitions include the solo exhibition “The Dark Scene” (Compton Art Gallery, Hong Kong, 2015), “Solo” (Hui Gallery, CUHK, Hong Kong, 2013), the dual exhibition "The Blazing World" (Gallery Exit, 2020), group exhibition “Tongueless”, (Goethe Institut, Hong Kong, 2020), “Hidden Body” (AISHONANZUKA, Hong Kong, 2017), “Nurturing Creativity” (The Rotunda, Exchange Square, 2016) and “Critical Existentialism” (Hong Kong Visual Art Center Gallery, 2015). SHUM currently lives and works in Hong Kong.


His works are collected by JPMorgan Chase Art Collection and private collectors.


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