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b. 1988, Hong Kong

Szelit Cheung is a Hong Kong-based artist, engages in a cross-disciplinary practice including painting, drawings, and photography. His current practice resembles the essence of void, explores the connection between presence and emptiness by utilizing simple forms, light, and colors as a means to echo and amplify the intangible yet powerful feelings and expressions.


After graduating from The Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology University (RMIT) in 2012, he works sorely as an artist and continues to pursue his passion for art. His work has been widely exhibited in different places, Include America, France, Taiwan, China, Hong Kong… He has held solo exhibitions that include Shimmer (Touch Gallery, Hong Kong, 2021), (Galerie Ora-Ora, Hong Kong, 2020), Substance, Delicate, Something in Between (Yiri Arts, Taiwan, 2017), and Stand II (am space, Hong Kong, 2015).


Group exhibitions include Architectural Representation in Chinese Contemporary Art (One Thousand Museum, Miami, America, 2019), Charming Tastes and Fragrance: Literature and Visual Arts Exhibition (Pao Galleries, Hong Kong Art Centre, Hong Kong, 2018), Has-been-there (Pearl Lam Galleries Hong Kong SOHO, Hong Kong, 2017) and Critical Point (Crane Gallery, Taiwan, 2015).


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