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b. 1994, Hong Kong

Wong Shun Yu is a Hong Kong Chinese ink artist. Wong was graduated from the Visual Arts Department of Hong Kong Baptist University in 2018; and is currently furthering study at the Beijing Academy of Fine Arts, majoring in experimental arts.


Wong’s creation is mainly based on the theme of landscape. Wong had a keen interest in Chinese urban legends and religious paintings since he was a child, and he came into contact with different religious arts, such as Tibetan Buddhism and Taoism painting patterns when growing up. Being raised in this atmosphere, his works are permeated with a sense of history and mystery. His experience also allows him to understand literati painting from the perspective of Chinese legends and religions, and from Chinese literati painters such as Su Shi, Dong Qichang, and Wang Wei, where they showed their ideal form of erudition and expression through art and culture. Wong also appreciates the importance attached to the quality of painting in contemporary Western art. His blended pathways have become his pursuit of ink painting creation.


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